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Rev Up Your Love Life with Hypnosis!

FREE Webinar:  9 Ways Hypnosis Can Rev Up Your Sex Life

On May 20th, I recorded a live webinar:  9 Ways Hypnosis Can Rev Up Your Sex Life, in which I teach you how hypnosis can enhance intimacy, increase prowess, and boost your pleasure to unimagined levels.  And you can watch the replay for free!

Don't wait another night to get the awesome sex life you've been fantasizing about:  You can get full details and see the replay here.

Free Webinar: 9 Ways Hypnosis Can Rev Up Your Sex Life

Posted 5/6/2015

If you or your lover have ever been frustrated chasing that perfect climax, you know It can be so close, but then...there's an intrusive thought or distraction, and it just...fizzles.  In my free webinar, you'll learn how your mind can give you transcendent arousal, ecstatic pleasure, and deep, perfect orgasms without any outside stimulation.

And that's only the beginning of how bringing hypnosis into the bedroom can help turn you into a sexual superstar.

It's all happening on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific.  Space is limited, so lock down your spot today!

New Hypnosis Training Program: Become a Master Hypnotist

Posted 5/6/2015

I am thrilled to announce a new program that is starting this month:  Become a Master Hypnotist.  You can learn the most powerful, safe, and effective techniques for guiding people into deep hypnotic states.  Topics include:  Pre-talk, Induction Methods, Deepeners, Formulating Effective Suggestions, Advanced Inductions (such as Rapid and Instant methods), Self-Hypnosis, and much more.

If you want to find out how rewarding it feels to support others with their life challenges, I can show you how.

Contact (toll-free) 1-877-YES-HYPNO for details.

Great Discounts - Or How About Free?

Posted 5/5/2015

We offer bulk discounts - the more courses you sign up for, the more you save!

  • 2-3 courses: 5% off course price.
  • 4 or more courses: 10% off course price.

Want the power of hypnosis working for you for free?  We absolutely LOVE referrals!  When you become a Hypnotic Tranceformations client, each other person you send our way earns you a FREE session when they sign up.

Contact me for full details!