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On May 20th, I recorded a live webinar:  9 Ways Hypnosis Can Rev Up Your Sex Life, in which I teach you how hypnosis can enhance intimacy, increase prowess, and boost your pleasure to unimagined levels.  And you can watch the replay for free!

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Jen & Dr. Bob, Part II

Posted 5/13/2015

A whole bunch of curious folks attended the live webinar hosted by authors and sex educators Dr. Bob and Jen, the brains behind CreativeSexuality.com.  I showed even more advanced techniques on how to use the incredible power of the unconscious to weave a hypnotic spell over you and your partner.

It was a fantastically fun evening:  Even for a 90-minute presentation, it was chock-full of info and demonstrations.  There were some great questions, and of course lots of sexy pleasure!  Thanks again to Jen, Dr. Bob, and my lovely demo model Liz!

I'll post the link to the YouTube video soon - stay tuned!