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Hypnotic Tranceformations

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On May 20th, I recorded a live webinar:  9 Ways Hypnosis Can Rev Up Your Sex Life, in which I teach you how hypnosis can enhance intimacy, increase prowess, and boost your pleasure to unimagined levels.  And you can watch the replay for free!

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Bryan D. Cassidy, MS, CHt

Bryan D. Cassidy, MS, CHtBryan D. Cassidy, MS, CHt

From the day I discovered hypnosis at the age of 11, I found I couldn't look away.  Even decades later, after Biopsychology degrees from Drew University and the University of Michigan, through mentorships and certifications under acclaimed hypnosis masters, and over a rich and rewarding career as both a top-tier hypnotherapist and stage performer, I remain fascinated -- every day -- by this power of the human mind.

"But where is your office?" you ask?  Why, right in front of you!  Well, I do have an office in the Philadelphia area, but let me explain why that's not as relevant as it used to be.

Hypnosis is an amazing ability of the human brain, an ability we all share.  Trance is a state that occurs within, and a hypnotist guides a person's imagination there by using nothing more and nothing less miraculous than words.  This means virtually any form of communication can be hypnotic!  Hypnosis is wonderfully effective not just in person, but also over the phone or the Internet.  Many of my clients are online, enjoying the benefits of their hypnotic sessions in the familiarity, comfort, and convenience of their own homes via such technologies as Skype™ and Yahoo! Messenger™.

So why not skip the gas stations and the traffic jams and join my growing list of satisfied distance clients?  Call 877-YES-HYPNO for your free intake session today and you, too, could be Tranceforming your life permanently for the better -- right from your favorite easy chair!